(and sometimes one’s wallet

goes a long way!

2014 Sand & Stone  (44% Petite Sirah; 43% Grenache; 13% Syrah)
2014 Trespasser 
(61% Petite Sirah; 27% Mourvèdre; 7% Syrah; 53% Grenache)
2014 Petite Sirah  
(89% Petite Sirah; 11% Syrah)

What we bought:

2014 Trespasser

Aaron Wines-

out on the totality of their intricate beauty. He’s making some great wines, no doubt about that!!

Ellen gave us a little background on the winery, as we started our tasting. Aaron Jackson, the winemaker, has two labels, Aaron and Aequorea. We started with Aequorea (meaning “Of the Sea” in Latin), which are Pinot Noirs and whites from the San Luis

What we tasted:

2016 Pinot Gris
2015 Seafarer

2015 Pinot Noir

). Even though I still enjoy the wines, I know that I’m missing

Aaron! Another highly recommended tasting room from the locals! We popped in a little late in the day, on kind of on a whim. I say “kind of,” because Aaron was on our short list to visit, but we just didn’t know exactly when we'd be able to get by there? We’re pretty good planners and like to make the most of our trips without being too rushed, so when we do get an opening in our schedule, it’s a treat! With that being said, we walked in to a very charming tasting room, where we joined some people who were already doing a tasting.

TIME VISITED: 02/03/2018, 4:30:00 PM

Obispo coast. On this particular day, Ellen was pouring two Pinot Noirs and a Pinot Gris. Aaron sources his grapes from coastal vineyards west of the Santa Lucia Mountains, which is a cool climate caused by the proximity of the ocean.  His wines are primarily sourced from single vineyards, and with the cool surroundings, the results are some aromatic, complex, and silky wines. The one that really stood out to me was the Seafarer (which is actually a blend of four of these coastal vineyards), and it is just incredible!  There was a girl in the tasting room who said she did not like Pinots and wasn’t even going to try it, but we persuaded her. She loved this Pinot!

Next was the Aaron label, which is more my speed, as he focuses on Petite Sirah blends, sourced from westside Paso vineyards. We tried three in all, but wow, that Trespasser! A blend of Petite Sirah, Mourvèdre, Syrah, and Grenache, it's a beautifully structured wine and one of their most popular.  I can see why!

We finished our tasting, took some pictures, asked Ellen a few questions, made our purchases, and moseyed on our way. I definitely want to go back and have it as our first tasting of the day, because I feel like it would be a different experience. Don’t get me wrong, I truly enjoyed our tasting with Ellen! It's just that after a full day of tasting, one's palate definitely gets burned out

Ellen, our wine host, asked if we would like to join, and politely reminded us they closed at 5:30. We knew we were just going to share a tasting, and we never try to overstay our welcome. That’s definitely one thing to remember when you’re wine tasting- be considerate of the wine host’s time and the winery’s hours. Tasting etiquette is part of the experience and being mindful and polite