2014 L’Aventure Chloé  #BonusPour   #FlightFavorite

What we tasted:

2014 L’Aventure Optimus  (42% Syrah; 33% Cab Sauv; 25% Petit Verdot)
2014 L’Aventure Côte à Côte  (50 % Grenache; 28% Mourvedre; 22% Syrah)
2014 L’Aventure Estate Cuvée  (50% Cab Sauv; 35% Syrah; 15% Petit Verdot)

L'Aventure's tagline is, "Where Bordeaux Meets the Rhône," and this should give you a pretty good indication as to the kind of wines they primarily make- blends! Both Rhône blends, as well as Bordeaux /Rhône blends, and we really enjoyed them all! They also have an estate Cabernet Sauvignon, but they were not pouring this at the time.  We were, however, lucky enough to try their 2014 Chloé, which is a delicious Syrah/Grenache blend. Normally,


This winery had been on our radar for a while now- it was one of the ones suggested on this particular Paso Robles winery
list, that we’ve been trying to complete......guess you can blame that on the OCD in us!


Inside is quaint, with a two-sided wine tasting bar in the center of the room. The winery is strictly by appointment only, as they don’t want to have overcrowding in the tasting room. Our wine host, Leanne, was super friendly as she walked us through the history of the winery and its owner/winemaker, Stephan Asseo. Stephan is yet another French winemaker who wanted to pursue making wines in his own way without all of the Bordeaux restrictions. He fell in love with Paso, and has made quite the name for himself. I’ve heard he's extremely charming!


this is only available to their wine club members, but they happened to have a bottle open.    

Estate Rosé is fantastic! We bought a magnum.

TIME VISITED: 11/12/2016, 3:00:00 PM

Plus, we've heard many good things about it from both the locals and local winemakers alike, who have never steered us wrong. The problem for us is, even though we are lucky enough to frequent Paso a few times a year, is that it’s so hard not to go back to the wineries you already love! So we try to fit in at least two or three new wineries per trip, and finally, we made it to L’Aventure... and, we plan on going there on our next upcoming trip, so that should say something about their wines, right?!?  *As an update, we now only have four wineries to go to complete this list! #WineGoals

This winery is very beautiful. As you walk up to the entrance, there is a large pond to the left, with the back drop of the surrounding vineyards. It’s a great photo op!

What we bought:

2014 L’Aventure Optimus
2014 L’Aventure Côte à Côte
2014 L’Aventure Estate Cuvée

Just an addendum- since our first visit we have since been back twice now, and OMG their 2016