Levo-                       (NOTE: this is an excerpt from our Tin City Spotlight)

TIME VISITED: 03/31/2017, 4:00:00 PM

What we tasted:

2016 Flying Colors
(86% Grenache; 7% Viognier; 7% Grenache Blanc)
2016 White Noise
(45% Grenache Blanc; 31% Roussanne; 24% Viognier)
2014 Grenache
(90% Grenache; 7% Petite Sirah; 2% Syrah; 1% Viognier)
2014 Syrah
2014 The “Spot”
(100% Syrah), which is a bottle dedicated to a particular place or point showcasing his favorite barrel from a specific vintage.
2014 "Into The Static" Petite Sirah
(85% Petite Sirah; 10% Grenache; 3% Syrah; 2% Viognier) 

What we bought:

2014 "Into The Static" Petite Sirah
2016 White Noise

It’s a really cool tasting room with high ceilings and a tasting bar with standing room for at least a dozen people. Raleigh was the wine host and really knew her stuff!! We tasted a wide array of wines, prominently blends that usually had some percentage of Viognier. I totally dig that, as Viognier is one of my favorite varietals. Sometimes he used a small percentage of the Viognier just to add some floral notes to the nose of the wine. And by “he,” I mean Bret; a self-taught winemaker with a passion and a flare for making wine.

Another highly recommended winery, via the other wineries in Tin City we had visited, was Levo. The same description kept coming up when they talked about Levo- which basically was “new young guy in town doing his own thing with Santa Barbara fruit and making some seriously good quality wine.” Santa Barbara wines in Paso?!? Intriguing…

would say he and his wines add something very special to Tin City.

back. Kinda like the opposite of a mullet (sorry mullet people)!  As for Bret, totally cool guy, and I

We met Bret and chatted with him for a bit. He came to Tin City mainly because of the cost of square footage, as the difference in rent for a space in Santa Barbara vs. a place in Paso is pretty significant. With his current facility, he does everything from crushing to blending, right in the back. This is actually pretty typical of the wineries in Tin City, as most are a full service facility with the tasting room in the front, and the business in the