U-turn so that we could check it out.

Despite the short visit, we did take some time to walk around the tasting room, which was really quite nice. They have a couple of stand-up bars, as well as an outside seating area; they also have a very cool swag shop. In fact, there are actually windows in the swag area that look into the winery.

Miner Family Winery-

Miner was a spontaneous Wine Problems visit. Even when we plan out our days, from time to time there is a little extra room before heading back to the hotel.  I’ve been a fan of Miner’s white wines for a while now, and I'm always excited to see their Chardonnay or Viognier on a restaurant wine list.  So when we passed the winery, after hearing a little squeal from me, Michael made a quick

we somewhat rushed through our tasting. It was a Tuesday, and during the week, the way their tastings work is that they have ten wines to choose from, and you get to pick five (there is a set tasting on weekends). The wines that we selected were all great, including their flagship, "The Oracle," which is a Bordeaux-style red blend.

TIME VISITED: 09/06/2016, 4:30:00 PM


It was the end of the day, and it was still really busy! Usually we don't like to drop in near closing time, as we feel as if we're imposing a little, but the wine hosts were extremely pleasant and didn’t mind us joining the party. Nevertheless, we still didn't feel right keeping them at work later than they had to be, and so

Miner is open to the public from 10-5, groups of 7 or more require reservations. They also offer a few different tasting experiences including an Oracle Blending Seminar, a Sommelier Experience, and a Cave Tour & Tasting, which we are inclined to check out the next time we go...and there will be a next time!

What we tasted:

2012 The Iliad, Napa Valley White Wine
4% Marsanne; 40% Roussanne; 6% Viognier)

2014 Viognier, California

2013 Chardonnay, Napa Valley  
2012 Wild Yeast Chardonnay
2011 Syrah, Stagecoach Vineyard
2013 Sangiovese, Gibson Ranch
2012 The Oracle, Napa Valley 
(54% Cab Sauvignon; 25% Cab Franc; 15% Merlot; 3% Petit Verdot; 3% Malbec)

What we bought:

2014 California Viognier
2012 Wild Yeast Chardonnay
2013 Sangiovese, Gibson Ranch

2012 The Oracle, Napa Valley