I can’t wait to check it out when it’s ready, and I'll give an amended review once that opens (currently scheduled for March 18, 2016).  The old tasting room is totally nice too, just a little small. It is open during the construction.

What we tasted:

2013 Chardonnay HMR Vineyard
2013 Version White Anna’s Vineyard
2012 Grenache Anna’s & Glenrose Vineyard
2013 Pinot Noir Estate
2012 Version Red Anna’s and Glenrose Vineyards
2012 Zinfandel Michael’s Vineyard

Adelaida Cellars-

Adelaida is another one of my favorite Paso wineries where I happen to be a club member. The particular club option I chose is called, "The Tribe Custom," which is 6 bottles of wine twice a year, April and October.

I have the flexibility of choosing my six wines from a list, but quite honestly, I usually let the experts choose

the wine selections for me.  I trust ‘em.


I joined Adelaida’s wine club for primarily two reasons: 1.) the wine is outstanding for the price, and 2.) it’s not a wildly distributed wine. Plus, I admittedly love their labels!  Something that I use as a general rule for buying any wine from wineries is whether or not I can find them easily at a local store or near home? If I love something, and know I can’t get it anywhere else, that factors into my purchasing decision.

I would tell you a little more about their tasting room, but the truth is that Adelaida is currently building a new one! It's currently under construction, but it looks AMAZING from the outside!