What we bought:

Albarino; The Gentleman; Sangiovese; Barbera; and Nebbiolo.

What we tasted:

2015 Albarino
2015 The Gentleman (red blend)
2014 Old Vine Zinfandel
2014 Barbera

The wine tasting room closes at 5:00 and I believe we got there around 4:20. The place was packed! It’s a very cute space with one long wine bar, some couches, and lots of art and wine swag. They also have a decent sized outdoor seating area in the rear. We were fortunate and found an open spot at the end of the bar. Our wine host was Mandy, who was super friendly and had a great smile. We were then lucky enough to meet Jeremy, the man behind the wine! And wow, it was some damn good wine, and quite a wide variety of it. Jeremy’s background was actually in label making, but got burned out on the business and decided to try another passion, winemaking. We’re hoping to have a lengthier interview with him next time we’re out there, so we can add him to our spotlight on winemakers.

palate and try some new and fun things. Michael had never had a Barbera, and he LOVED it!

I truly enjoyed this experience, and I was trying to pinpoint exactly why. Sure, the wines were great and the people were friendly, but it was more than that. I first fell in love with wine tasting as a civilian; randomly choosing wineries, spending the day exploring the wine regions, and chatting with the people in the wine tasting rooms, as just Nicole. Now with Wine Problems (and don’t get me wrong, I love being a part of Wine Problems!) things are much more structured with appointments and tours. They're all great, but there is something to be said about being organic in discovering new places, and taking your time getting to know an area. Lodi is definitely one of

those places on my radar and I’m really looking forward to going back.

Quick side note: the Jeremy t-shirt I got is now my new favorite shirt!

Jeremy Wine Co.-

When we were planning our recent wine trip, we knew we were going to stop in Lodi and that we should have time to hit at least two wineries.
Michael David was already on the list, so I decided to research some other options. Lodi being a somewhat new area to us for wine tasting rooms, I actually went to Yelp for some suggestions. The number one listed was Jeremy Wine Co., and it had rave reviews! This definitely piqued my interest, so I asked Michael to check out the reviews. He did, plus he loved the wine list, so he was in!  Lodi was all set

2014 Sangiovese, Cosi Bella Vineyard  #flightfavorite

Some of the highlights of our tastings were the Sangiovese (it was the flight favorite for us both); the Albarino; and a wine called, "The Gentlemen," which was a red blend

(33% Barbera, 33% Nebbiolo, and 34% Sangiovese). We’d recommend this tasting room to anyone! I would suggest to keeping an open mind if any of these wines aren’t your normal go-to wines, as it's a great way to explore your