For our main entrées, I got the Chilaquiles and Michael opted for the lemon ricotta pancakes. Both were pieces of art to look at! So much so, that we were those people who were taking pictures of

We also split a side of bacon, which was delicious.

We went back to Justin recently with another couple and I got the Chilaquiles, again, and Michael got the pancakes, again (creatures of habit, we are). The other couple each got a burger, which they both completely raved about. We all shared an order of some really yummy French fries. Keep in mind that the menu is seasonal and changes frequently, so you may want to call ahead for the menu.

Sadly, they did not have the pretzel this time.

our food. Hey, sometimes you just have to. Besides, we needed to show YOU!

Justin Brunch/Lunch-

After having such an incredible
dinner at Justin back in October, we were jonesing to go back and try their brunch. We went there on Super Bowl Sunday of this year and it did not disappoint. We sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful view of the hills – it was such a perfect day.

We started with mimosas and the most amazing freshly baked PRETZEL! Hot, soft, served with this cheese mustard sauce that was pure perfection. Luckily there were two in the order, otherwise it’s quite possible Michael and I would have stabbed each other fighting over just one. But alas, there were two, so it was a peaceful and stab-less brunch.