We tasted the wines, as we munched on the yummy cheeses and listened to Walt describe and discuss the different varietals, adding in some rather entertaining stories along the way.  If you ask him when to drink your wines, his answer would be an emphatic, NOW. If it’s good, drink it. He says this with good reason, for he once had a collection of over 1400 wines and when he finally started drinking them, he sadly discovered all but 4 had turned.

All in all, a truly memorable experience and easily in our top 3 of the wineries that we visited.

The fact that each wine was fantastic definitely didn’t hurt either. We look forward to visiting their parent company, Far Niente, on our next visit.

Nickel & Nickel-

Nickel & Nickel experience was outstanding. As Michael put it, they really “dotted all their i’s and crossed their t's.” It began in their salon, which was located in the main house on the property. We were each given glass of Chardonnay, by our wine host, Walt Bells. To say that Walt is enthusiastic about Nickel & Nickel, and their wine, would be a gross understatement! We immediately liked him and his enthusiasm was contagious- which was great because this was our first tasting of the day, and it was only 10am. This was a little early to be drinking wine, but we

TIME VISITED: 10/28/2015, 10:00:00 AM

We ended the tour in a dining room, set up with 4 wines, cheese pairing, bread sticks, and a menu with each of our names printed on it. Again, their attention to detail was not lost on us and made us feel special.

suffered through it.

A really interesting structure on the property is The Gleason Barn. This is a beautiful A-Frame wood beamed ranch house that they use as office space and laboratory. The structure was originally built in 1770 in New Hampshire, and permitted to be burned in 2001. The owner liked it so much that he asked if he could have it. He then had it disassembled, marked, trucked to Napa, and reassembled to its original stature. It's truly remarkable!

What we tasted:


2013 Truchard Vineyard Chardonnay- Carneros

2012 CC Ranch Cab- Rutherford

2012 Copper Streak Cab- Stag’s Leap

2012 State Ranch Cab- Yountville

2012 Sori Bricco Cab- Diamond Mountain

What we bought:

2012 Darien Vineyard Syrah  #blindpurchase

2012 Copper Streak Cab- Stag’s Leap

2012 CC Ranch Cab- Rutherford

Walt took us on a tour of the property, which had everything. I'd like to mention that they are an eco-friendly manufacturer and pride themselves on such. We saw the large stainless steel vats storing crushed grapes in their fermentation barn; the barrel cellar with workers topping off the barrels; and a display of containers showing all of the various soils the varietals are grown in.