2013 Juvenile Zin
2013 Cedarman Zin
2013 Pesenti Vineyard Zin
2013 Dusi Vineyard Zin

What we bought:

One case of 2012 Pokerville Zinfandel-

A very reasonably priced Zin blend perfect for those “Tuesday Night Wines” or “Guilt-free Wednesdays.”

Then again, you do get to avoid the shipping costs for your allocation.   Long story short….we’re going. I’m curious what the theme will be and what they’ll be pouring! Stay tuned…

For a little more about Turley, you can check out our previous blog from their last pick up party, "Birds of Prey," that we attended on Halloween of last year.


Turley has two tasting rooms, one in Paso Robles and one in Amador.  We’ve never been to the Amador one, but have frequented the one in Paso on numerous occasions. The people are always very knowledgeable and nice.

Last time we were there, Donna helped us. As to be expected, she was super nice and knowledgeable. We tasted from the tasting list and chatted about the upcoming pick up party on April 2nd- at the time, we were still teetering on whether we were going to go? Their pick up parties used to be free to club members and you could bring a +1. They now charge $25 for club members and $35 for +1s. Don’t get me wrong, the parties are fun, they have some great eats, and they pour some damn good wine, but it’s also a three hour drive, which means lodging and dog sitters come into play.

One of the nice touches they have while tasting is a small plate of cheese and some crackers, which not many wineries offer this. It’s nice to have something to pair the wines with, or even with the crackers, using them as a palate cleanser (and/or  in case one is drinking on an empty stomach!). The tasting room in Paso is a very big, wood beamed structure, with lots to look at, and plenty of swag items to buy. We like the different stone wine coasters, but they also have cook books, wine books, openers, clothing, etc.

What we tasted ($10 tasting fee, which is waived for allocation members):