Shhhhhh... plus Michael already had some bottles of their Cab at home.

TIME VISITED: 05/17/2017, 4:00:00 PM

ceiling and super cool lighting. 

room employees jokingly call this the “lush rush;” we call it LUCKY!  And when I saw Turnbull was right next door to Opus One, how could we not stop?! I hadn’t been there in easily ten years, and WOW how it has changed!!! The new-to-me tasting room is ginormous, comparatively speaking to the cozy tasting room I had visited way back when, and it is beautifully decorated. Tons of swag to look at, and there were some amazing photographs lining the well-lit walls. The room has a tall

When planning out our wine trips, our normal MO is to have 2-3 appointments set each day (varies depending on the length of a visit), and then leave some room open for a “wild card” tasting room. On this particular trip to Napa, Turnbull was our “wild card,” and we're

After our visit to Shafer and a quick stop at

Opus One, we still had a little time before the tasting rooms started to close. Some tasting

We went to the bar where our Wine Educator, Robinson, greeted us. Super nice guy who happily poured and chatted about the wine.

My first visit from all those years ago, I really remembered their Cabernet standing out.

This time ALL of the wines were standing out, beginning with the perfectly balanced Josephine Sauvignon Blanc. Keep in mind, we had just been tasting at Shafer and Opus One,

think you’ll be disappointed.

sooooo happy that it was!

Tasting room is open 10am-5pm, seven days a week, for walk-ins. They offer private estate tastings as well, which require reservations.

What we tasted:

2016 Josephine Sauvignon Blanc
2014 Bonne Vivante
(62% Cabernet Sauvignon; 15% Syrah; 10% Lagrein; 10% Malbec; 3% Cabernet Franc)
2014 Oakville Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
2014 Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon
2014 Leopoldina Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon (Bonus Pour)

No purchases that day, as I’m still contemplating joining the wine club, but don’t tell Michael!

which are some pretty heavy hitters! Our palates should have been blown at this point, and/or we could have been underwhelmed by the Turnbull wines. That was SO NOT the case! These wines were ridiculous!  We loved everything so much, I was THIS close to joining the wine club, to which Michael reminded me that I promised myself, no more wine clubs! But I was extremely tempted...

After a very nice visit, we took some pics of the tasting room and got a cool pic of Michael next to the Turnbull pick-up truck. We highly recommend you checking out this tasting room, we don’t