Epoch now offers different wine tasting options, including one for walk-up visitors, in their old tasting room:

•    The Epoch Tasting Bar, which is for walk-ins in their old temporary Tasting Room, AKA a tricked out single-wide trailer. You'll be served four different wines, one at a time.

•    The Classic Flight Tasting, (appointments strongly encouraged) where a designated area is set aside for you to taste five pre-poured wines side-by-side. This is something you very rarely see in a tasting room, and it’s so great that they offer this option, as it allows you to take your time and compare your pours. (Michael LOVES to do this!). You'll also get more face time with the tasting room staff via this tasting.

•    The Epoch Winery Tour, which is just that! A tour of their amazing facility, including a trip to the subterranean cellar to taste some wine, followed by a private tasting.

We highly recommend all of these, as we’ve been lucky enough to partake in a lot of Epoch adventures; you really can’t go wrong.  Honestly, the wine is so incredible, regardless, just make sure it’s on your short-list when visiting Paso. You’ll thank us! #EpochMoments #TrustUs

*To see what they are currently pouring, you can click

TIME VISITED: 02/05/2017, 11:00:00 AM


Epoch's NEW Tasting Room-

If you read our first blog about
Epoch, the tasting room was in a temporary space, while the new tasting room was under construction. That was back in April of 2016, so this has been a while in the making! But wow, was it worth the wait! It really shouldn’t be called a remodel, but more of a restoration. They kept as much of the old York Mountain winery in tact as possible, and then updated the rest accordingly. For starters, it’s gigantic inside! And GORGEOUS! Lots and lots of wood, and photos, and lights…so much to see. There are two tasting bars- one in the main room, and another off in an adjacent smaller room. Oh, and when you're in the main room, don’t forget to look up! An original wine press from the 1800s is right above you! You really feel the history in this structure, albeit it has the right amount of modernization. There is also a large outside patio with an enormous fireplace, and patio furniture to lounge upon. It’s such a cool space!