What we tasted:

2014 Rosé- Catapult & Paderewski Vineyards (54% Mourvèdre; 35% Grenache; 11% Syrah)
2014 White- Catapult & Paderewski Vineyards
(52% Viognier; 48% Grenache Blanc)
2012 Sensibility- Paderewski & Catapult Vineyards 
(100% Grenache)
2012 Estate Blend- Paderewski & Catapult Vineyards
(45% Syrah; 24% Mourvèdre; 20% Grenache; 11% Tempranillo)
2012 Ingenuity- Paderewski & Catapult Vineyards
(58% Syrah; 18% Mouvèdre; 14% Grenache; 10% Petite Sirah)
2009 Sensibility- Paderewski Vineyard 
(75% Grenache; 21% Mourvèdre; 4% Syrah) - BONUS POUR!


Everyone was really nice, and our host was very attentive. She came over to the small couch that we were sitting on inside, which was next to an unlit fireplace; very cozy. We relaxed as she brought us over our tastings bottle by bottle, and even brought us some breadsticks (which always gets major brownie points from Michael). The current tasting room has a fun vibe to it, with a bit of modern art and even some artifacts, but I can see how they are excited about the new tasting

What we bought:

2009 Sensibility- Paderewski Vineyard
2012 Ingenuity- Paderewski & Catapult Vineyards
2012 Estate Blend- Paderewski & Catapult Vineyards

room, which you can read about HERE.

The wines were outstanding!  All of them have very unique labels and names. Jordan Fiorentini is the winemaker; Justin Smith is the consultant and is involved in all things Epoch: farming, blending, picking, their long term vision, etc., so for us, buying some of Epoch's wines were a no-brainer!

Epoch Estate Wines-

Upon several people’s recommendations, we decided to check out Epoch on our last trip. There is a lot of construction going on there, as they are nearing completion of their new tasting room, but there is a temporary tasting room open, which is actually very nice. It is decently sized, especially for something temporary, and has an accompanying very large wooden deck. It was quite busy, even though it was near closing time.