For our second spotlight this month, we decided to feature these ultra-cool wine glass holders, which we first saw in the gift shop of a major tasting tasting room. They are very clever and unique, and almost certain to get compliments! The "floating" holders are handmade by artisan, Sujean Dabney, from authentic, old wine barrel staves.

You can get more information about these racks, and/or order them directly, by going to


These would also make a great gift, and are pretty affordable at only $39.95 for the four glass version, and $45 for the six glass holder. And for our friends who work at wineries/tasting rooms, these can also be customized with your logo! Sujean uses a branding iron and will burn your logo right into the center of the arc.


You can use any two same-sized wine bottles, to rest the holder on, and there are four different variations to choose from. Two of them hold four glasses, and two of them hold six, but they are all actually the same size (about 37" long and 2 &1/2" wide).

You also have the option of having all of the wine glass slots on alternating sides, or having them all on the same side. If you're looking to place this on a kitchen island or a dining room table, the alternating version is advised, since it allows easy access to the glasses from either side. The rack with all of the slots on the same side would be preferable if you wanted to put this on fireplace mantle or a shelf.