Not a bad problem to have... wait, maybe it is... for us at least!

Jacob Toft-                (NOTE: this is an excerpt from our Tin City Spotlight)

With all that said, since he is leasing from some of the top vineyards (like L'Aventure, and Saxum's James Berry Vineyard), not only are the wines big and full of undeniably superior fruit, but they will set you back about $60/bottle. He sells out every release, (and QUICKLY), and admittedly has a hard time keeping wine stocked for the tasting

What we bought:

2015 Elizabeth’s Cuvée

2014 Sarah’s Cuvée  (Nicole’s #flightfavorite)
2014 Tessa’s Cuvée (Michael’s #flightfavorite)

so he has control over his fruit, vs. just buying grapes from a farmer or winery. Why buy a whole vineyard if you can cherry... errr, grape pick from a wide variety of the best vineyards? Plus he and his wife love to travel, and check out wines from other regions of the world. In fact, they were just gearing up for a trip to South America when we saw him.

TIME VISITED: 03/31/2017, 12:00:00 PM


Our first stop, which was recommended by pretty much everyone we talked to about Tin City, was Jacob Toft. And our wine host was... Jacob himself! Super nice guy who has made quite a name for himself in Paso. He doesn’t own a vineyard, nor does he have any desire to. And, in my opinion, I would agree with his logic.

He currently leases blocks of some of the most sought after vineyards in Paso. He gets to oversee the farming and harvesting,

What we tasted:

2015 Elizabeth’s Cuvée 
(Rousanne and Grenache)
2014 Coral Ruth’s Cuvée
(Syrah and Grenache)

2014 Sarah’s Cuvée (Syrah and Mouvèdre)
2014 Tessa’s Cuvée (Syrah, Cabernet, Petit Verdot)