Despite the crowd, we were quickly greeted and stationed at the octagon-shaped tasting bar with Jay, who was knowledgeable, funny, and very attentive! We really can’t say enough good things about both Jay and Niner wines. We both highly recommend visiting if you’re in Paso. Definitely on

What we tasted:

2014 Rosato (Sangiovese Rose) 
#bonus pour
2013 Chardonnay Edna Valley (slight butter and oak, but so well BALANCED- a beautiful wine)

Niner Wine Estates-

It’s kind of funny how we chose visiting Niner on this trip- I was on Twitter literally a day before our trip and @Travel Paso Robles re-tweeted an
article by 7x7 for ten of the top wineries you need to go to in Paso. We had been to three on the list previously, which gave me a good amount of confidence in its author, Emily Martin.

our top 7 list now.

2011 Fog Catcher (Their flagship- bought this blindly, since they didn’t have any open)

Need to know:
They have purse hooks (all tasting rooms should have 'em)!
LEED Certified and SIP Certified.
100% Estate grown.
19 Varietals.

We LOVED everything we tasted.

Heart Hill Vineyard.

2012 Estate Cabernet
2012 Estate Petite Sirah

Niner was on this list, and it happened to be the first winery we passed on our way to Turley, which (surprisingly) wasn’t on the list. I excitingly shrieked to Michael, “Niner is one of the wineries on that list I was telling you about!” Since we were running a little early, we decided to stop and check it out. Okay, so maybe not a total LOL story per se, but it did start off our Paso wine tasting on the right foot! It’s a gorgeous tasting room, and it was quite busy!

The restaurant is open for lunch only, and the menu looked fantastic! (Sadly we had already eaten)

Heart Hill Vineyard is gorgeous and appropriately named.

Restaurant entrance.

2014 Rosatos (Two actually; Summer is almost here, after all!)

2013 Estate Chardonnay
2013 Estate Petite Sirah


2013 Estate Pinot Noir

2013 Estate Merlot  #bonus pour
2012 Estate Cabernet
2012 Estate Malbec
2013 Estate Syrah
2012 Estate Petite Sirah
2013 Estate Cabernet 
#bonus pour

What we bought: